Stoddard Research Group

MIR lab

The “Molecular Immunotherapeutics Research” (MIR) lab research program focuses on protein engineering of synthetic binding proteins, investigation of structure/function relationships in proteins systems, development of 3-dimensional structures of proteins with applications to novel therapeutics for cancer, neurological disorders, and autoimmune disorders.  We use a combination of protein engineering, computational chemistry, biochemical approaches, and rational drug design to accomplish our goals.

Currently the MIR lab is working on four projects involving a combination of techniques such as experimental biochemistry techniques, organic synthesis, and computational methods to engineer proteins and design small compounds that could assist in treatment of cancer, neurological disorders, and autoimmune disorders in addition to the study and structural modeling of the proteins associated with the disorders.

Project 1: Protein Engineering and Development of Antigen Specific Therapeutics and Novel Therapeutic Approaches of Autoimmune Disorders

Project 2: Modelling and Investigation of Structure and Function Relationships of Unsolved Protein Structures Involved in Autoimmune, Cancer, or Neurological Disease Pathogenesis 

Project 3: Design, Synthesis, and Biological Testing of Novel Compounds having Improved Performance as Cancer Therapeutics

Project 4: Design, Synthesis and Biological Testing of Novel Therapeutics for Neurological Disorders