About Instructional Technology

Mission and Vision Statements


The Instructional Technology team supports the College’s core mission of instruction, learning, and engagement by working with faculty and students to integrate technology and assist with pedagogical strategies for the curriculum.  We Support all Rhodes College faculty in their own pedgogical and scholarly knowledge through faculty communities, demonstrations, pilot programs, group discussions, and workshops.  


At Rhodes College, we will incorporate academic technology in innovative and intentional ways.  We will harness its potential mindfully, to inspire student learning and to promote students' meaningful engagement in our community.

Strategic Directions

The Instructional Technology team seeks to fulfill its mission and realize its vision through: 

  • Providing consultation individually and in groups. 
  • Identifying student learning needs and researching emerging technologies that help faculty stay abreast of current trends. 
  • Collaborating with faculty and hosting workshops to showcase technologies in teaching and learning.  
  • Modeling appropriate and innovative uses of technology to support student learning. 
  • Adhering to high standards in classroom technology designs.  
  • Fostering communities of practice surrounding similar needs and goals.