Workday at Rhodes


What is Workday Student

  • Workday Student is a branch of Workday
  • This branch focuses on the student experience from application, through graduation, and beyond

What services will be moved to Workday Student? 

  • Student Records 
  • Financial Aid  
  • Advising

What are the advantages of moving from Banner to Workday Student? 

  • Banner has become a security risk as updates and security patches do not keep up with modern threats  
  • Workday Student has a more modern, mobile-ready, stable, and secure infrastructure 
  • Workday Student folds a number of our services into one place 

Will there be training for Workday Student? 

  • Training sessions will be held before and after the go-live date 
  • We are creating QRGs (Quick Reference Guides) for the daily business practices of those who will be most affected by the switch 

When will the change happen? 

  • Go-live is in March 2023 
  • We have started conducting trial runs and will continue to do so (including a mock semester) up until the go-live date 

What groups are working on the transition from Banner to Workday? 

  • Academic Affairs, Faculty, and Registrar's Office
  • Admission and Financial Aid
  • Development
  • Information Services
  • Student Life
  • Alchemy (an external vendor providing support)

Check the status page for updates concerning the transition to Workday Student.