Data Stewardship and Advisory Committee


Data Trustees: Trustees are the highest-ranking individuals accountable for what happens with and to data at the College.

  • President Jennifer Collins and Rhodes College Vice Presidents

Data Stewards: Data Stewards are responsible for promoting appropriate data use through planning, policy, and protocols at the College. They are responsible for data quality and data integrity, including consistent data definitions and their application throughout connected systems.

  • Unfilled Position, Chief of Institutional Research (Dr. Sherry Turner representing)
  • Jacob Church, Director of Enrollment Services
  • Stacy Pennington, Director of Infrastructure and Enterprise Applications
  • Richie Trenthem, Director of Academic Technologies

Data Custodians/Administrators: Data Custodians are responsible for ensuring that policies are followed within specific user areas (e.g., departments and administrative offices) and that local procedures are consistent with College policies and procedures.

  • Kathleen Cates, Associate Comptroller 
  • Richard Huddleston, Bursar 
  • Elisha Vego, Database Analyst 
  • Melissa Campbell, Dean of Student Life 
  • Brian Braskich, Systems Programmer Analyst
  • Michael Morgan, Director of Financial Aid 
  • Leigh Powell, HCMS and Compensation Manager 
  • Amanda Maxson, Registrar 
  • Kerry Connors, Senior Director of Development Initiatives and Advancement Systems 

General Mission:  The Data Stewardship Group will discover, discuss, document, and decide issues related to data processing and reporting, including user permissions to data and uses of data owned by the College. These responsibilities specifically include:

Data Definitions and Access:

  • Develop and maintain a list of data stewards and owners.
  • Define the areas of responsibility for access and management of data to ensure that data are accessible for appropriate purposes, people, and systems.
  • Document and review regularly data entry and business process standards across the institution to ensure that institutional data are reliable, consistent, and of high quality.
  • Develop and document a glossary of terms related to college data (data dictionary).
  • Where necessary, provide policy and training recommendations in support of the institution in managing and protecting its data assets.

Data Security: 

  • Recommend long-term strategies on securing enterprise data.
  • Recommend and document standards for the storage, retention, and disposal of the institution’s data in accordance with federal and state legislation, industry standards, and best practices in higher education.
  • Enforcement of data security guidelines is the responsibility of the departmental data stewards and custodians.

Decisional Authority: In cases where data or process ownership is still contested, the Data Stewardship Committee will be called upon to make a decision about what will be done with the data or process, moving forward. This decision can be appealed to Senior Leadership Team, which will receive documentation and insight from the Data Stewardship Committee to make the final decision.