Hybrid/Remote Teaching Information (Summer 2023)

Information Services – Instructional Technology Team 

The successful delivery of your remote course is dependent on the understanding and thoughtful planning of the content and how it is delivered.   The Instructional Technology team strives to help faculty accomplish this goal by providing tools and resources that complement the information being shared to the students.  If you would like to learn more about any of the resources listed below, please reach out to us at help@rhodes.edu

One of the main considerations in planning the course is to determine how you will deliver content.   We encourage both synchronous and asynchronous methods of delivery and to encourage participation amongst the students.  

It is also important consider the space in which you will be teaching your course.   Will you be in your office with a PC, or will you teach from a classroom on campus?  Familiarize yourself with the technology available to you in the spaces you are teaching in.  

Technology Prerequisites to consider for students enrolled in your remote course.   Student’s must be able to meet these basic requirements to participate in the course. 

  • Desktop, Laptop, or Tablet to view synchronous and asynchronous video or audio recordings.  

  • Reliable internet access. 

  • Webcam with microphone to attend Zoom sessions or record video and audio.  

  • Zoom installed and configured.  All Students enrolled in Rhodes College will have access to a Zoom professional account. 

  • It is not required, but we encourage students to have a set of headphones with microphone for improved audio quality. 

Hardware Technology available to Faculty upon request. Please send requests to help@rhodes.edu

  • USB Webcams with built-in microphones 

  • USB Document cameras  

  • USB writing tablets 

  • Handheld whiteboards to be used in conjunction with document cameras.  




Software Resource Considerations 

  • Canvas LMS – Learning Management System for course content delivery. 

  • Canvas Studio – New integration into Canvas for creating and sharing audio and video content.   

  • Includes screen capture tools. 

  • Record class sessions for asynchronous learning.  

  • Auto Generated and Uploaded Captioning. 

  • Embedded questions and links in videos. 

  • Zoom – Video Conferencing 

  • Microsoft Teams – Alternative 

  • Virtual Desktop Pools – desktops.rhodes.edu 

  • Student Feedback / Polling  

  • Mentimeter – Free account is limited to 2 question slides but can put unlimited questions on a single slide.  

  • Poll Everywhere – Free account has max audience of 25. 

  • Zoom – Built in Polling. 

  • Miro – Visual Collaborations Boards  

Classrooms and Spaces on Campus That Support Remote Teaching 

Any classroom can be outfitted with a USB webcam and boundary mic.   

  • Briggs 013 – Spence Wilson Room 

  • Dual Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras. 

  • Dual Omni-directional ceiling Microphones. 

  • Dual and Extended Display modes for presentations. 

  • Buckman Classrooms – does not include Blount Auditorium. 

  • Single Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera. 

  • USB boundary microphone at lectern. 

  • Buckman 216 includes an interactive whiteboard that can be captured with in-room camera. 

  • King Hall – Orgill Room 

  • Single Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera. 

  • Dual Ceiling Suspended Microphones. 

  • Ohlendorf 219  

  • Dual Large format LCD Displays. 

  • Single Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera. 

  • USB boundary microphone at lectern. 

  • FJ-163 – Lab 

  • Single Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera. 

  • USB boundary microphone at lectern. 

  • Single projection for presentations.