Information Services Governance Committee (ISGC)


In September 2018, the Rhodes College President’s Cabinet approved the creation of an IS governance process and a committee to administer it. The committee has two primary charges:

  1. IS Project Review and Approval: To provide the review, prioritization and approval of proposed IS projects and to advise on data usage and reporting for the College. IS Projects over certain cost and effort thresholds are subject to the IS governance process (approximately $10,000 or greater, or more than 200 person-hours, or with significant impact to the business or to campus life).
  2. Institutional Effectiveness Data Advisory: To provide guidance on questions of data usage and reporting, fulfilling a primary accreditation principle of ongoing researched-based planning and evaluation. 

IS Project Review Process

The IS governance committee (ISGC) will promote the submission of IS project requests through submitted business cases and approved according to the following review process:

  1. College divisions/departments and/or Information Services needing approval for IT initiatives present the Rhodes Senior Leadership Team (SLT) with a completed draft of their business case form that will serve as the project proposal. (NOTE: Information Services staff can advise other departments on completing the business case).
  2. The Business Case/Project Proposal form must be signed by the VP over the division that is making the recommendation. As needed, the VP can bring the form to the SLT for more discussion before signing off (a pre-approval process).
  3. Once signed by the VP, the form can then be sent to the ISGC.
  4. ISGC reviews proposals, which may benefit from separate strategic, data and security reviews. 
  5. ISGC votes whether to recommend projects to the SLT for final project acceptance and funding approval.
  6. If approved, project proposals continue to IS for project charter and scheduling.
  7. ISGC conducts follow-up evaluations of the project success and goal accomplishments.

Institutional Effectiveness Data Advisory Process

The IE Data Advisory addresses a primary accreditation principle as articulated by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools-Commission on Colleges in Principles of Accreditation. Foundations for Quality Enhancement adopted by the membership of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools-Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) in January of 2018.  That standard, a keystone for accreditation, reads as follows:
7.1 “The institution engages in ongoing, comprehensive, and integrated research-based planning and evaluation processes that (a) focus on institutional quality and effectiveness and (b) incorporate a systematic review of institutional goals and outcomes consistent with its mission.”
Fulfilling this principle would include: 

  • Identifying information needs – information-sharing across divisions that would generate the questions facing the institution 
  • Developing research questions – assisting stakeholders in formulating and refining research questions relative to the data collected by the institution and/or available nationally
  • Evaluating whether we have the kinds of information and resources we need to answer questions
  • Evaluating the value of surveys/data collection instruments that we distribute to constituent populations
  • Evaluating use-value for current software/data management systems
  • Supporting administrative and academic unit development and assessment
  • Developing real decision support based on institutional data
  • Responding to information requests from the Senior Leadership Team to support the promotion of the institution to external constituents

2019 ISGC Membership:
Voting Members

  • José Rodriguez, Committee Co-Chair (CIO, Information Services)
  • Dawn Clement, Committee Co-Chair (Dir. of Institutional Research, Strategic Initiatives)
  • DeAnna Adams (College Registrar)
  • Brian Braskich (Dir. of Assessment, Academic Affairs)
  • Darlene Brooks (Dir. of the Barret Library and IS Help Desk)
  • Melissa Butler (Dir. of Student Accessibility Services)
  • Melissa Campbell (Dir. of Academic & Learning Resources, Student Life)
  • Kathleen Cates (Assoc. Comptroller, Finance)
  • Kerry Connors (Sr. Director of Annual Giving, Alumni and Development)    
  • Timothy Huebner (Associate Provost, Academic Affairs)
  • Justin McGregor (Dir. of Communication for Digital Services)
  • Michael Morgan (Dir. of Financial Aid)
  • Stacy Pennington (Dir. of Infrastructure, Information Services)
  • Leigh Powell (Business Systems Analyst, Human Resources)
  • Harold Robinson (Dir. of Data Services)
  • Klare Savka (Security Engineer, Information Services)
  • Richie Trenthem (Dir. of Acad. Technologies, Information Services)