The Instructional Technology Team

The Instructional Technology team offers consultation to faculty who are interested in enhancing their instruction through the use of technology. We strive adhere to the following guidelines when providing consultation support:

  • A focus on pedagogy and not the technology itself.
    • How can technology encourage engagement between faculty and leaner?
    • Will the use of technology enable students to learn more deeply and with more curiosity than without?
  • High quality or over high-tech.
    • Technology is constantly evolving, and just because something new has all the bells and whistles does not mean it is the best choice for the curriculum. High-tech solutions can also be distracting and discouraging to some learners.  
    • The trick is to find what technology works best to help faculty accomplish their teaching objectives, at their comfort level, to engage students.    
  • More Technology requires more organization
    • Technology can be an asset when it is used correctly. However, not all students have been exposed to the same technology. It is important to have goals and a good understanding of the technology we are using in class. The Instructional Technology team can provide support in creating how-to resources for faculty and students.