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Interlibrary loan is a privilege extended only to Rhodes faculty, staff, and students. It is based on the premise of sharing resources for the good of all. It allows Barret Library to obtain materials such as books and journal articles for the purpose of teaching, learning and research. All requests must meet the guidelines as set forth in the most recent National Interlibrary Loan Code.

Barret Library does not charge patrons for the use of interlibrary loan services. Therefore, the only cost involved for the user is that which may be levied by a lender. The Library participates in a number of consortium groups and reciprocal agreements, thus minimizing possible fees.

Guidelines for Requests

A minimum of two weeks should be allowed for receipt of an interlibrary loan. Books generally take longer to arrive than photocopies. 

Request forms are available at the Information/Help Desk, Checkout Desk, and Interlibrary Loan Office. All information must be verified and FULL citations provided. It is acceptable to send requests by email, double or triple spacing between items. Requests may also be sent via databases or by using the online form.  Please check the Online Catalog before sending requests.

We encourage users to take advantage of local sources, i.e., University of Memphis and Memphis Public Library, as well as other area libraries. We have reciprocal agreements with these institutions.

It is assumed that the material requested is for the use of the requestor. We cannot obtain interlibrary loan items that will be forwarded on to non-Rhodes patrons.

Requests will not be sent for: items we own; copies of over fifty pages; entire issues/volumes of journals; videotapes; or that which would violate copyright restrictions. Generally, libraries will not fill requests for those items or for reference books, old, rare, or valuable items, or for works too fragile or bulky to mail. Recently published items may not be lent as well. Any limits or restrictions imposed by lending libraries will be adhered to strictly.

Books must be returned by the due date. Overdue items jeopardize the borrowing relationship Barret Library has with lending libraries. There is a fine of $1.00 per day for each overdue item.

Faculty requests are limited to ten items per week. Student requests are limited to five per week. Any requests over that number are held back to be sent the following week, or earlier, time permitting. It is helpful for the user to indicate items of priority, as those requests will be sent first.

Pick up and return ILL materials at the Checkout Desk. You are responsible for the materials from the time they are picked up until they are returned to the ILL office.

Contact Us

Kenan Padgett is the Interlibrary Loan Librarian. She will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding this service. Contact her at or by phone at 901-843-3770.