TASC (Faculty Technology and Academic Space Committee)

TASC Charge:

  • To address immediate concerns and current problems with academic space and technology in classrooms, lecture halls and performance spaces 
  • To facilitate long-term planning of technology needs and services, instructional space, and classroom support systems
  • To review policies and practices regarding the use of technology in the classroom
  • To liaise with other campus units regrading questions of technology and academic space (Physical Plant; President’s Staff)

2019-2020 TASC membership:

  • Kenny Morrell, Associate Professor, Greek and Roman Studies (Chair) 
  • Darlene Brooks, Director, Barret Library (ex officio)
  • Kelly Dougherty, Assistant Professor, Biology
  • Timothy Huebner, Associate Provost, Academic Affairs
  • Denis Khantimirov, Assistant Professor, Business
  • Rebecca Klatzin, Associate Professor, Psychology
  • José Rodriguez, Chief Information Officer (ex officio)
  • William Skoog, Professor of Music, Music and Theater
  • Richie Trenthem, Director, Academic Technologies (ex officio)