Current students

Izzy Sipkema '22

Jadesse Chan ’22

Kobe Bins ’21

Maryella Cohn ’21

Katie Tucker ’21

Former students

John McArthur ’21

Maria Popescu ’20: PhD Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Baylor

R. Peter Dorn ’19: PhD Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Texas A&M

Brian Christman ’21

Allison Young ’19: Fulbright to teach English in Malaysia

Aidan O’Reilly ’18: Veterinary school, Georgia

Claire Levesque ’19: External Affairs Specialist, Washington D.C.

Patrick Leavey III ’17: Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Johns Hopkins

Luke Malanchuk ’17: MS Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, Illinois

Mac Wilson ’17

Rejina Fahhoum ’17: Osteopathic Medicine, William Carey University College

Andres Miller ’16: Peace Corps, Ethiopia

Emma Jackson ’16: PhD Chemistry, USC

Garrett Minor ’16: Medical school, University of Tennessee Health Science Center

John Selman ’16, Osteopathic Medicine, North Texas

Joseph Gross ’16 

Mitch Trychta ’16: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Toronto 

Alison Hanson ’15: MS Geography, Texas A&M 

Alix Matthews ’14: MS Biology, Arkansas State; PhD Environmental Science, Arkansas State 

Boomer Malanchuk ’14: MS Natural Science, U. Wisconsin, Stevens Point; PhD Fisheries and Wildlife, Kansas State

Jackson Roberts ’14: MS Fisheries, Auburn; PhD Museum of Natural Science, LSU 

Erica Blustein ’14: Medical school, Arkansas 

Maggie Klusman ’14: PA school, Nova Southeastern

John Menz ’14: Peace Corps, Paraguay 

Steven Badami ’14: Medical school, Saba University

Ryan Conley ‘13: MS Environmental Science, TCU

Jordan Robinson '13: MA Environmental education, U. Montana and Tetons Science Schools

Morgan Slevin ’12: MS Biology, Arkansas State; PhD Biological Sciences, Florida Atlantic U.

Jared Swenson ’12: Environmental Science teacher, Arkansas; MS Biology, Northern Arizona  

Brad Hensley ’12: MS Aerospace Engineering, UC Boulder

Tyler Moore ’11: Medic, US Army Special Forces; PA school, Wake Forest

Michael Matthews ’10: Sales, Washington, DC 

Brandon Newcomb ’10: Dentistry ’14, VCU  

Derek Schook ’07: MS Ecology, Colorado State; PhD Geosciences, Colorado State

TWo male students  wearing colorful socks
Steven Badami ’14
a female student with a baseball cap holds a small bird in her hand
Maggie Klusman ’14
a young man looks through binoculars in a wooded area
Morgan Slevin ’12
a young man holds a blue bird in his hand
Brad Hensley ’12
a male student holds a small bird in the palm of his hand
John Menz ’14