Current students

Izzy Sipkema '22

Jadesse Chan '22

Kobe Bins '22

Lea Letourneau '23

Milan Mistry '23

Bennett Thomas '23

Jadyn Scott '24

A’niya Lagarde '24

Yousef Khashana '24

Katie Cruse '24

Former students

Maryella Cohn ’21

Katie Tucker ’21

John McArthur ’21

Maria Popescu ’20: PhD Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Baylor

R. Peter Dorn ’19: PhD Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Texas A&M

Brian Christman ’21

Allison Young ’19: Fulbright to teach English in Malaysia

Aidan O’Reilly ’18: Veterinary school, Georgia

Claire Levesque ’19: External Affairs Specialist, Washington D.C.

Patrick Leavey III ’17: Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Johns Hopkins

Luke Malanchuk ’17: MS Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, Illinois

Mac Wilson ’17

Rejina Fahhoum ’17: Osteopathic Medicine, William Carey University College

Andres Miller ’16: Peace Corps, Ethiopia

Emma Jackson ’16: PhD Chemistry, USC

Garrett Minor ’16: Medical school, University of Tennessee Health Science Center

John Selman ’16, Osteopathic Medicine, North Texas

Joseph Gross ’16 

Mitch Trychta ’16: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Toronto 

Alison Hanson ’15: MS Geography, Texas A&M 

Alix Matthews ’14: MS Biology, Arkansas State; PhD Environmental Science, Arkansas State 

Boomer Malanchuk ’14: MS Natural Science, U. Wisconsin, Stevens Point; PhD Fisheries and Wildlife, Kansas State

Jackson Roberts ’14: MS Fisheries, Auburn; PhD Museum of Natural Science, LSU 

Erica Blustein ’14: Medical school, Arkansas 

Maggie Klusman ’14: PA school, Nova Southeastern

John Menz ’14: Peace Corps, Paraguay 

Steven Badami ’14: Medical school, Saba University

Ryan Conley ‘13: MS Environmental Science, TCU

Jordan Robinson '13: MA Environmental education, U. Montana and Tetons Science Schools

Morgan Slevin ’12: MS Biology, Arkansas State; PhD Biological Sciences, Florida Atlantic U.

Jared Swenson ’12: Environmental Science teacher, Arkansas; MS Biology, Northern Arizona  

Brad Hensley ’12: MS Aerospace Engineering, UC Boulder

Tyler Moore ’11: Medic, US Army Special Forces; PA school, Wake Forest

Michael Matthews ’10: Sales, Washington, DC 

Brandon Newcomb ’10: Dentistry ’14, VCU  

Derek Schook ’07: MS Ecology, Colorado State; PhD Geosciences, Colorado State

TWo male students  wearing colorful socks
Steven Badami ’14
a female student with a baseball cap holds a small bird in her hand
Maggie Klusman ’14
a young man looks through binoculars in a wooded area
Morgan Slevin ’12
a young man holds a blue bird in his hand
Brad Hensley ’12
a male student holds a small bird in the palm of his hand
John Menz ’14