Mike Curb Institute

Curb Fellows over the Summer:

Curb Fellow Sean Moore (‘19), part of the Research and Writing team, participated in the Rhodes Institute for Regional Studies (RIRS) this summer. His research fellowship surveyed the music in Memphis churches. He explored how churches present their music, the music’s relationship with the larger Memphis music scene, and understanding Memphis churches’ definition of “contemporary.”

The Curb Leadership Team:

At the end of the spring 2017 semester, the Curb Institute set up a new Curb Leadership Team comprised of the Curb RSAP’s and other group leaders. Sarah Link, Jad Qaddourah, Patrick Smith (all three RSAPs), Alice Fugate, Ellie Sommerkamp, and Emily Burkhead are the Curb Leadership Team and will help to organize and lead the events and activities of the Curb Institute.

Upcoming Music and Community in Memphis Class for Fall 2017:

The Curb Institute is excited to welcome a whoppin’ 27 new students to our ranks through the fall session of the Music and Community in Memphis class! The students have already chosen which groups they will be involved in and are looking forward to starting their work. We are excited to see new opportunities presented for the Curb Institute with so many students involved!

Check out what some of our recent Rhodes/Curb graduates are doing now:

Ashley Dill (‘17, Urban Studies Major, Film Studies Minor) landed a job with William Morris Endeavor, one of the largest record companies in Nashville. Dill was an RSAP (student associate) for the Curb Institute, in charge of a lot of the business aspects of the Institute, including PR and Marketing. She was heavily involved in the production of The Audubon Sessions. She helped book the artists for the show and worked with Alexandra Greenway to air the show on public arts television through the NECAT Network in Nashville.