Group Members

Will Eckenhoff
Will Eckenhoff
B.S. Allegheny College, 2006
Ph.D. Duquesne University, 2010, with Tomislav Pintauer
NSF Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the University of Rochester, 2011-2013, under Rich Eisenberg
Hobart and William Smith Colleges, 2013-2015, Visiting Professorship
Rhodes College, 2015-present
Jared Briant
Jared Briant 2023
Emma Dove 2023
Alex Hemphill 2023
Robbie Musicante 2023
Wasif Abdullah 2024
Peyton Crest 2025
Daniel Graham 2025

Group Alumni:

Madeleine Davis ('22): Chemistry PhD Candidate – University of Southern California

Stephan Jean-Francois ('22): Gap year for medical school

Izzy Sipkema ('22): Masters in Teaching - Vanderbilt University

Scott Wicker ('22): Chemistry PhD Candidate – University of Texas at Austin

Sarah Helland ('21): Chemistry PhD Candidate – University of Washington

Nate Hames ('21): Chemical Engineering Masters Program – North Carolina State University

Srisowmya Manohar ('21): St. George's University – School of Medicine

Aby Binu ('21): Medical Student – Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

Keren Lee ('20): Chemistry PhD Candidate – University of Pittsburgh

Liam Rhodes ('20): Medical Student – University of Texas at Houston McGovern Medical School

Seth Rohlwing ('20): Medical Student – Kansas City University Medical School

Phillips Hutchison ('19): Chemistry PhD Candidate – Yale University

Mary Neil Hodl ('19): Masters of Pharmacology – Tulane University

Meghan Kiker ('19): Chemistry PhD Candidate –University of Texas at Austin

Cameron Tinker ('19): EMT and Anesthesia Tech.

Alison Chang (’18): Chemistry PhD Candidate – University of Oregon

John Dewar (’18): R&D Chemist at D-A Lubrications

Alex Graves (’17): Chemistry Education PhD Candidate - University of Northern Colorado