Kinney Staff

Directors: Candace Hayes and Anu Iyers

Advocates for Women: Remi Parker, Ema Wagner
Animal Services: Ali Ottinger, Emily Forehand
The Arts: Jenna Gilley, Emma O'Donnell
Economic Justice: Erika Fanous, Sierra Doi
The Environment: Shirley Fontanié, Maria Popescu and Abi Hackman
Healthcare and Wellness: Kellie Barrett, Shehla Yousuf, Anjali Mangrola, Emma Taylor
Hunger and Homelessness: Hibah Virk, Lyba Naseer
Intercultural Perspectives: Phyu Khine, Brinda Patel
Interfaith: Hamid Shirwany and Bilal Siddiq, Maggie Palopoli
Mentoring and Education: Caroline Drury, Anna Shank-Root and Betsy John
Queer Advocacy: Tzvi Nadel, Cooper Rudolph, Andie Caroline Dorn
Disability Advocacy: Hannah Cantwell, Mckenzie Dorris