Memphis Center Arts



2018 Fellowship in the Arts: The Henry & Lynne Turley Memphis Center at Rhodes College is now accepting applications for fellowships! While a variety of proposals will be considered, funding will be geared towards projects that encourage connections between campus and community. Some examples could include: partnership with local artists or arts organizations; workshops or discussion groups, the development and staging of exhibits, performances or other public events, education and outreach programs, digital projects (archiving, preservation, mapping, etc.), and research and creative work with local significance.

To receive a fellowship, students must collaborate with a faculty/staff mentor who will help shape the project and guide its execution. The mentor must agree to participation before the application is accepted. While the specifics of mentor/student interactions will differ based on each project, it is expected that they will meet regularly and collaborate on all facets of the fellowship work. During the course of their fellowships, all students and mentors will meet in cohort sessions to discuss projects and larger issues. Upon the completion of the fellowship, students will produce reflective essays – which, when applicable, will also include visual or audio material – and deposit materials related to their project in the Rhodes College digital archive.

The deadline for summer and fall consideration is March 30th. Deadline for Spring fellowship is Nov. 15th. Fellowships are typically 10hrs/wk., and group projects are welcome to apply. If you have an idea in mind, make sure you have a committed faculty mentor before submitting your application.