Current and Past Fellows


Fall 2018 Turley Center Arts Fellows

Sara Lynn Abbott '19

Major: Art - Sculpture

Sara Lynn has spent the fall of her senior year assisting Dr. Harmon build an art display for viewing in Los Angeles and in Memphis.


Adam Brinson '19

Major: Public History


Adam has been volunteering at the Stax Museum in the Collections Department since his freshman year at Rhodes. As a fellow, Adam archives paper documentation related to every major production at Staks.


Emily Burkhead '20

Major: Film

Emily started her fellowship project at the 2018 Summer Rhodes Institute. Focusing on not-for-profit's place in Memphis, Emily pieced together a 15-minute documentary by the end of the Rhodes Institute. As a fellow, her goal is to have a 60-min documentary focused on Memphis's essential services. This investigative documentary focuses on the Metro Inter Faith Association, Birthstrides, Mid-South Bus Riders Union, and the Mid-South Peace & Justice Center.


Ellie Sommercamp '19

Major: Biology

Ellie works as the Community Engagement Manager for the Mike Curb Institute and spends most of her time involved with the Saturday Learning Academy Music Program. Twice a month, Ellie works with a group of kids and assists a music teacher involved in Ms. Dorothy Cox afterschool tutoring program at Rhodes. Depending on the child's interest, the program teaches them basic music theory along with how to play piano, guitar, or beats. She works closely with the entirety of the Curb Institute, a primarily student-run organization. Her fellowship mentor is Dr. Bass, Director of the Curb Institute. Ellie's fellowship allows her to engage with her passion for Memphis' music history. Even as a biology major, Ellie finds Memphis' music history incredible important to current day culture: "Since music is so prevalent and important to Memphis I believe it's important to make it accessible to everyone who has an interest in learning." 


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Lauren Eckelcamp, Stax Museum