Physical Plant Services


Updated 6/06/2019


Notes regarding Physical Plant operations


Heating and Cooling

The following engineers ensure that HVAC equipment is well-maintained and running properly:

Tom Birmingham, Jeff Dhority, Wayne Eastlack, Wayne Flake, Dan Jacobs, Andrew Kurrus, Greg Spivey,  Jon Malady

Campus heating and cooling equipment is controlled by a centralized computer energy management system, which allows the Physical Plant to regulate and adjust temperatures remotely. This system also helps the college save money and reduce environmental impact, since building temperature set points can be adjusted according to usage schedules.

Unlike houses or apartments, most buildings on campus have what we call “two pipe systems”. This means that the building is either in heating or cooling mode. The HVAC system is manually changed over from one mode to the other as the seasons change. Physical Plant works with Residence Life to determine the appropriate time to make the switch between heating and cooling, based on occupant feedback, weather forecasts, and current temperatures.

Special Events 

The Physical Plant will help plan and execute special events, including lectures, concerts,  receptions, and parties.  With proper notice we can provide additional housekeeping, setup, or grounds assistance outside of our regular business hours; please contact Tim Lucas at for an overtime estimate or additional information.

The earlier event planning begins will result in a successful event.  Special Services requires a minimum notice time of 3 business days to provide setups of tables and chairs for events. More notice is required for larger or more complicated setups, especially in locations such as McCallum Ballroom, 051 Barret, Orgill Room, Hyde Hall, Rollow Hall, or outdoor setups.

At certain times of year such as Homecoming or Commencement, all of our available tables and chairs may be in use.  In these situations we recommend use of an off-campus vendor for rental, such as Classic Party RentalsHicks Conventions and Special Events, or Party Concepts.

Please note that the Physical Plant cannot provide tables and chairs for the Greek houses and other private properties and functions.


Trash and Recycling 

Trash is removed from buildings on a daily basis by Housekeeping staff members, and from outside trash cans by Grounds staff. For an additional pull, submit an online work request or contact the Physical Plant main office at (901) 843-3870.

Recycling stations are located on every floor of every building on our campus. Rhodes currently recycles paper, gray board, rigid plastics, glass bottles, aluminum, steel, and corrugated cardboard at these recycling stations.  Large printer or copy cartridges should be returned when purchasing a replacement cartridge.

Please make sure that bottles, cans, and jars are empty of any food product, so that our bins don't attract pests.

Recycling stations are monitored by building occupants, and when one gets to be 1/2 or 2/3 full, the recycling monitor submits a work order online. All recycling pickups are completed by student employees from over 100 locations.  Please note that due to the large number of stations, we cannot check bins on a regular basis. We depend on building occupants to notify us when a bin is close to full.

Pest Control 

The college contracts with Terminix for pest treatment and prevention services.  Our service representative is on campus every Monday and Thursday morning; to request service or an inspection, please submit an online work request by Sunday and Wednesday at 4:00 p.m.

Some things you can do to prevent pests, especially in dorm rooms:

  • Keep all open food packages tightly sealed. 
  • Clean dirty dishes promptly, including glasses and cups. 
  • Promptly hang wet towels and other wet clothing to dry. 
  • Clean spills promptly. 
  • Take out trash regularly, especially if it contains food waste. 
  • Clean out sinks regularly. 
  • Do not keep empty cardboard boxes and paper grocery sacks.


The Physical Plant coordinates campus renovations both large and small. Summer is the usual season for construction on our campus, but projects take place year-round. Physical Plant staff can assist with obtaining estimates, developing scopes of work, creating work schedules, and other elements of project management. If your department has a proposed construction project, contact Brian Foshee at (901) 843-3870 as early as possible to begin planning.  Summer work schedules fill up quickly!  For additional information, see also FacStaff-Physical Plant-Public-Work & Renovation Schedule.

Plumbing and Electrical 

Rhodes has dozens of miles of plumbing pipe and electrical lines, all maintained by the following staff members:

Mike Herbers, master plumber
Keith Jones, journeyman electrician
Roman Sniezek, journeyman electrician
John Gorgia, journeyman plumber 
Jeff McClain, in addition to being superintendent of maintenance, also holds the electrical contractor license for the college.

For an emergency, call the Physical Plant immediately at 901-843-3870, or Campus Safety at 901-843-3880.  For non-emergency plumbing or electrical issues, submit a work request via our online system.

General Cleaning 

  • Daily cleaning is provided by our Housekeeping staff in common and high-traffic areas. 
  • Restrooms and locker rooms are thoroughly cleaned and stocked with paper products daily. 
  • Regular trash removal is performed by our housekeeping staff daily. Removal of recycling is done as needed and can be requested through our online work order system.  Student employees are responsible removing recycle materials from our buildings.
  • Hard surface floors are stripped and waxed annually by our staff, usually during the summer months.

Repairs and Maintenance 

All buildings need occasional repairs.  Building maintenance staff members working to ensure that the buildings on our campus are well maintained:

Tony Moore
Todd Livingston
Ronson Marsh

The Physical Plant can accommodate a limited number of summer repainting requests. Work is completed by our building maintenance technicians or by contract painters, depending on schedule.  Any requests must be received by May 1, and will be prioritized based on condition and scheduling. Rhodes has two options for wall colors; one is “East Village White” and the other “Halliburton Tan”.  Both colors are used throughout our campus buildings and were chosen by designers to complement the décor in our building


Elevators are maintained by Otis Elevator Company. The following buildings have elevators:

  • Barret Library
  • Briggs Student Center
  • Bryan Campus Life Center
  • Buckman Hall
  • Burrow Hall
  • Burrow Refectory
  • Clough Hall
  • East Village (A and B buildings)
  • West Campus - main building
  • Halliburton Tower
  • Hassell Hall
  • Kennedy Hall
  • King Hall
  • Ohlendorf Hall/Frazier-Jelke
  • Southwestern Hall
  • Rhodes Tower/Frazier-Jelke
  • Rhodes Tower/Frazier-Jelke (exterior freight lift)
  • Robertson Hall
  • Robinson Hall
  • West Village
  • Williford Hall

Elevator service requests should be called in immediately to Physical Plant at 901-843-3870 or Campus Safety at 901-843-3880.

Keys, Fobs, and Campus Access 


Requests for building keys and fobs are submitted through the online work order system. Campus Safety approves and schedules all building and dorm room keys, fobs, or other access requests.  Once approval is granted, the work of making the key or fob is assigned to Physical Plant and delivered to Campus Safety, where it is checked for accuracy, logged, and taken to Rhodes Express for convenient pickup.

Residence Hall Laundry

Laundry self-service is included in the room and board rates. When a washer or dryer malfunctions, report it directly to our laundry vendor, Caldwell and Gregory, at 800-927-9274. You can also submit a work request online via the Physical Plant work order system.

Be kind to your fellow residents! Remove clothes promptly from washers and dryers.  Wipe up detergent spills. Empty lint filters. Leave washers, dryers, and laundry rooms the way you would hope to find them.  Please leave washing machine doors open when not in use.