Respondent’s Bill of Rights

Students accused of sexual assault have the right:

1. To be treated with respect by college officials;

2. To be given written notice of any charges of alleged violations of Rhodes’ Policy;

3. To be advised of and review the evidence associated with the case to the extent permitted by law;

4. To request a delay of a hearing or conference due to extenuating circumstances, provided that the grant of such request is in the discretion of the Title IX Coordinator;

5. To challenge the objectivity of the Sexual Misconduct Hearing Board’s members upon the belief that a bias or conflict of interest may exist;

6. To admit responsibility for any or all charges of alleged violations of the Policy;

7. To decline to make statements;

8. To present their version of the events in question;

9. To have witnesses present factual information on their behalf;

10. To be advised by and/or receive assistance in preparing their case by from Advisor prior to any hearing or conference;

11. To be accompanied by a Supporter; and

12. The right to appeal the outcome of a sexual misconduct hearing, in accordance with the standards for appeal established in section XVIII of the Sex/Gender Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct Policy.