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The Rhodes College Brand Identity Guide serves as the foundation for all of the college’s communications materials. The document is based on the college’s strategic plan research; hundreds of voices contributed to the final product through student, faculty, staff, and alumni surveys and focus groups.

The brand identity guide outlines the proper use of the college’s brand marks and logos, primary and secondary colors, as well as approved fonts. In addition, the guide outlines how to express the college’s personas through writing and imagery.

The Division of Marketing and Communications follows the Rhodes College Editorial Style Guide.

Brand is about perceiving; it is a person’s core feeling about an institution. Simply put, brand is reputation. Reputation is built on human experiences and interactions. People want to connect with other people. It’s in our nature. This is why a brand must come alive, expressing a clear story and discernible personality, just like a human being.

Rhodes College takes great pride in the brand it has cultivated since 1848. These brand standards were created to ensure the long-term growth and management of the Rhodes College brand for decades to come.

"Rhodes College exists to inspire profound transformation to foster lives of exceptional purpose and success." The Rhodes brand is anchored in this statement, driving all visual and verbal representations of the institution. Through color, typography, logo, and photography the brand identity is shaped. These brand standards will ensure consistency of the Rhodes brand while maintaining the essence of why the institution exists.


Linda Bonnin
VP of Marketing & Communications


Henry Smith
Director of Digital Marketing

Natalie Ledford
Chief Digital Strategy and Enrollment Services Officer

Charlie Kenny
Assistant Director of Communications

Jana Files
Assistant Director, Digital Communications

Dionne Chalmers
Media Relations Manager

Luke Pennington            
Director of Web and Digital Strategy

Larry Ahokas
Graphic Designer

Matt Cowgur
Senior Full Stack Digital Developer

Sam Cicci
Senior Writer and Magazine Editor



Ethan van Drimmelen