Cara Tomlinson

Cara Tomlinson’s images are born from the myriad influences and disparate sources she draws from to build her visual vocabulary. Elements taken from geology, childhood memories, art history, cartography, and improvised architecture come together, providing a glimpse into the artist’s psychological and spiritual state of mind. When seeing Tomlinson’s work the viewer is keenly aware that the artist has intentionally allowed her paintings to show how one step leads to the next. One sees the passing of time in carefully considered, subtle layers. Each studio session gives rise to new marks or passages. We are mindful that each day in the studio is different, in the same way one can never stand in the same river twice. Formed in large part by the previous day’s work, the pieces chronicle the ever-changing condition of her environment, as well as her artistic temperament.

She earned her undergraduate degree from Bennington College and her M.F.A. from the University of Oregon. Cara Tomlinson has exhibited her work nationally in museums and galleries in Chicago, Portland, Pittsburg, and Milwaukee. She has also had residencies at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Constance Saltonstall Residency, as well as at the Anderson Center for Interdisciplinary Studies. Currently she lives and works in Portland, Oregon where she is an Associate Professor of Painting at Lewis and Clark College.