Curation in Context 2021

alll the posters for the class exhibitions

Art 260: The Art of the Exhibition in Memphis and Beyond

This course is designed to teach students the basics of exhibiting art as well as examining theoretical issues including, but not limited to, the mission of a gallery, understanding a gallery’s audience, and the role of exhibition spaces in a community. This semester Art 260 students worked remotely with Memphis-based artists to create virtual exhibitions that help us see the landscape, the home, personal relationships, and our own bodies with the clarity and insight that only art and artists can offer.

Surrealistic Experience: Our Past Year curated by Kristin Pedrozo
Estuaries: Bodies Inside and Out curated by Fatima Leal
Hide and Seek: Protesting Political Environments curated by curated by Gunner Smith
What We Remember curated by Grace Merriman
Dress Up curated by Finn Mullen