"What's Gone With That Boy I Wonder"

Gallery image featuring sculpture and hung drawings.

“What’s Gone With That Boy I Wonder”

Artist: Jared Buckhiester

Fall 2017 

This is an installation image for Jared Buckheister's exhibition "What’s Gone With That Boy I Wonder".Spanning the last decade, What’s Gone With That Boy I Wonder surveys Jared Buckhiester’s exploration of conflicted desires and the American archetypes that anchor them. This exhibition presents a selection of works inclusive of the artist’s varied and emotionally-invested approach to the medium drawing. Initially an exhibition titled Love Me Tender curated by David Getsy and presented at The Bureau Of General Services Queer Division in the fall of 2017, What’s Gone With That Boy I Wonder expands on its previous incarnation. In the current iteration of this exhibition, photography and sculpture are included alongside drawings, giving a fuller impression of Buckhiester’s working process, while broadening its narrative and conceptual possibilities. There was a lecture for the exhibition on August 30, and the exhibition was held from September 1st to October 7th.