Licensure Exams

Candidates in the teacher licensure program must pass a licensure exam in the content area where they are seeking endorsement. The state of Tennessee stipulates what exams qualify in each endorsement area. The information on this page comes from Policy 5.105 "Professional Assessments for Tennessee Educators," which candidates can look up by typing the policy number into the search bar at the State Board of Education Policy website. This information was last updated on October 14th, 2022. Candidates are responsible for ensuring the information on this page is accurate and up-to-date

Policy Revisions made on Feb 10, 2023 will go into effect July 1, 2023. These revisions include the elimination of licensure exams for students who earn a major in their content area. This means Rhodes students recommended for licensure after July 1, 2023 pursuing secondary endorsement do not need to pass the licensure exams below. Elementary candidates must still pass the exams below.

If you need support to pass the Praxis exam, there are free Test and Career Prep modules available through the University of Memphis. Click this link to explore the options. If you normally have accommodations for taking standardized tests, you may be eligible for those same accommodations on the exams below. The process for getting test accommodations can be arduous, and you should talk to the Teacher License Coordinator early on in this process. You can also direct questions to ETS Disability Services at  609-771-7780 or

All endorsement areas except for one require candidates to submit a qualifying score on the relevant Praxis exam. Candidates can schedule their Praxis exam by going to the Praxis page at the ETS website. Candidates are responsible for ensuring their scores are reported both to Rhodes College (code: RA1730) and the Tennessee State Department of Education (code: R8190). Candidates will be financially responsible for ordering any additional score reports if they do not provide these codes when they register for their Praxis exam.

Endorsement Area Test Code Qualifying Score
Elementary Education K-5    
Mathematics  5003 157
Reading and Language Arts  5002 157
Science 5005 159
Social Studies 5004 155
OR Multiple Subjects (four tests above combined) 5001 See above
AND Teaching Reading: Elementary 5205 159
AND The Early Literacy Assessment ---- ----
English 6-12 5038 167
Mathematics 6-12 5165 159
Social Studies    
Government 6-12 5931 149
History 6-12 5941 157
Biology 6-12 5235 148
Chemistry 6-12 5245 152
Physics 6-12     5265 144
World Languages    
Chinese 6-12 5665 164
French 6-12 5174 160
German 6-12 5183 163
Latin 6-12 5601 148
Russian 6-12* n/a n/a
Spanish 6-12 5195 163

*Candidates seeking an endorsement in Russian 6-12 must take the Alta Language Services Speaking and Listening Assessment administered by the Tennessee Language Center.

Endorsement Area Alta Assessment Title Qualifying Score
Russian 6-12 Speaking and Listening Assessment in Russian and English, and Written Assessment in Russian and English Advanced Low (i.e., 8 on a scale of 1 to 12) or an average of 8 for the speaking and written tests with no score below 7 on either test.