Thesis Submission

Proquest Dissertations and Theses
After successfully defending their thesis, Rhodes College Master's students must submit an electronic copy of their final draft (including any required or recommended changes) formatted as a PDF to ProQuest EDT. This electronic copy will also be placed within the college's institutional repository, DLynx. There are no mandatory fees or charges associated with this submission, though there are some options that do have associated fees. Below we outline some suggestions or provide comments on the various pages you will have to complete during the submission process.

Click this link to access the website where you will upload your final draft.

PQ Publishing Options
We recommend selecting the Traditional Publishing option which has no costs associated with it. The Open Access option has a fee attached to it, and even if you do not select the Open Access option, your thesis will be openly accessible on Rhodes's institutional repository. 

ProQuest Agreement
You are required to agree to grant ProQuest the rights enumerated on the ProQuest Agreement page in order to proceed. We want to highlight the significance of granting ProQuest "the non-exclusive, worldwide right to reproduce, distribute, display and transmit the Work. . . ." Because the rights of distribution are non-exclusive, you are allowed to distribute your work through other mediums (for example, in Rhodes's institutional repository, DLynx, or by publishing your work in an academic journal). In other words, this agreement does not restrict you from doing other things with your thesis.

University Agreement
The University agreement likewise does not restrict you from doing other things with your thesis. It simply grants Rhodes College the right to make your work accessible in our institutional repository. 

Contact Information
It is important to provide contact information that will continue to be valid after you graduate from Rhodes College. 

We recommend using the tool in Word to convert your file to PDF and reviewing that file before uploading to ProQuest. Regarding the Copyright permission documents, in all likelihood, you do not have any you need to submit. See more information under Register U.S. Copyright below.

Supplemental Files
Be aware that 250MB is the maximum file size for all files uploaded. Zipping or compression may be necessary if your thesis includes large files, especially audio/visual files.

This box is if you want to leave any notes to the Master's Thesis Coordinator who will review your submission before it is delivered to ProQuest. There is no need to put anything in this box, and you may also reach the Master's Thesis Coordinator by other means when and if necessary.

Register U.S. Copyright
You own the copyright on your work from the moment you create that work. You do not have to register for copyright for it to exist. Registering your copyright provides certain advantages but at a cost. 

Order Copies
You are not required to order any physical copies of your thesis. The library will catalog and store the PDF and any supplemental materials in the institutional repository. 

Once you complete the submission process, the Master's Thesis Coordinator will be notified and will review your files before delivering the submission to ProQuest.