Advancing Inclusive Excellence

Rooted in operationalizing the IDEAS framework and building on the work of the Policies and Structures Subcommittee of the Task Force on Retaining a Diverse Faculty, the Advancing Inclusive Excellence task force has been charged to develop multiple paths to advance inclusive excellence at Rhodes. The work will be divided into two teams: the first team will focus on policies, especially as they pertain to faculty reviews, and the second team will be dedicated to climate and faculty development issues.

Inclusive Excellence Policy Team: Rashna Richards, Sarah Boyle, Charles Hughes, Seok-Won Lee, and evie perry

  • Study the contemporary scholarship on inclusive excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service
  • Consult with Dr. Sherry Turner, Vice President for Strategic Initiatives
  • Learn from other schools that have implemented policies foregrounding inclusive excellence
  • Have conversations with departments/programs and divisions to learn about how they’re thinking about inclusive excellence in the three areas
  • Recommend policy and/or practice revisions to faculty reviews, working with appropriate faculty committees (T&P, D&E, FGC)
  • Recommend a 2-year structure to make inclusive excellence achievable for all faculty

Climate and Culture Team: Justin Rose, Amy Benson, Kayla Booker, Darlene Loprete, and Catie Welsh

  • Consult with Dr. Sherry Turner, Vice President for Strategic Initiatives
  • Redraft Chairs Guidebook to define a chair’s role in advancing equity and inclusion in departments/programs
  • Construct DEI Workshop for chairs
  • Construct Workshop for “Roles and Responsibilities for a Newly Tenured Faculty Member”
  • Study the effectiveness of climate surveys within departments/programs
  • Develop ongoing DEI development plans for all faculty