Academic Affairs

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The Office of Academic Affairs works under the leadership of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, Dr. Katherine Clay Bassard. Dr. Tim Huebner serves as the Associate Provost, along with three Deans.   

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The Office of Academic Affairs facilitates the pursuit of academic excellence at the college. We support the faculty in their teaching, scholarship, and professional development; deliver exceptional curricular and co-curricular experiences to our students; develop and implement academic policies; and uphold the quality of the academic program.

Our work is guided by the following principles:

  • Building consensus
  • Fostering equity and inclusion
  • Making data-informed decisions

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    The Academic Affairs Team

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    • Budget, staffing, & administration
    • Part-time faculty
    • Registration, enrollment, & advising
    • Academic space
    • Summer school
    • Post-grad programs
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    • Faculty Recruitment
    • New faculty orientation
    • Faculty development & mentoring
    • Faculty prof. travel
    • Rotational professorships
    • DEI/BERS
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    • New program development & revenue generation
    • International education
    • Maymesters
    • Hill/Buckman
    • Pre-College programs
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    • Faculty Reviews
    • PRS forms
    • Administration of student eval
    • Eval of dept/program chairs
    • Sabbatical/early leaves
    • External reviews of dept/program
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    Academic Affairs Coordinator, Provost Office
    April Allen

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    Administrative Assistant II
    Stevie Drieberg