Forms and Templates

Applications and all supporting materials may be submitted via email ( 

Please note that submissions may be returned for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. Missing application components
  2. Missing letters of support from local institution(s)
  3. Outdated (or undocumented) ethics training

IRB Policies and Procedures


  • IRB Exempt application [pdf] [doc]
  • IRB Expedited and Full application [pdf] [doc]

Additional Protocol Forms and Related Instructions

  • Reliance Agreements with Other Institutions
  1. Reliance on External IRBs
  2. Rhodes as the Reviewing IRB in an Reliance Agreement
  • Adverse Event Report [pdf] [doc]
  • Amendment form [Instructions]
  • Continuing Review/Closure Report (2017 version) [pdf] [doc]
  • Continuing Review/Closure Report (2019 version) [pdf] [doc]

Consent-related Forms and Related Instructions