2021 Winning Photos

And the Winners Are . . .

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 16th Annual World of Photos Contest! Below are the winning photos, which were announced at a Zoom reception on March 24th.

Urban Scene

a bridge over a large river with graffiti under it
First Place: Harahan Bridge by Brian Larkins (U6)
three dogs on a sidewalk rest next to a backpack in the sun
Second Place: Sunbathing by Logan Collier (U8)
an older billboard for Wonder Bread against a blue sky
Third Place: Wonder Bread by Judith Haas (U13)


an older man and a small child walk on a sunset beach
First Place: Generations by Lauren Sefton (P2)
a small child looks out a doorway of an old building
Second Place: A Child in the Countryside of Madagascar by Susan Kus (P8)
a girl on a swing in the mountains
Third Place: Summer in Dombai, Russia by Alena Chaplygina (P9)

Natural World

a blue heron on a branch in a swamp
First Place: Tricolor Heron by Jadyn Scott (NW13)
a girl on a boulder in the mountains
Second Place: Charlies Bunion by Megan Crouse (NW7)
a waterfall in the mountains
Third Place: Waters From Heaven by Bree Wilson (NW5)

Narrative Photography

people walk under water oaks along azaleas
First Place: Savannah, Before by Megan Crouse (NR1)
a mother, father, and child wearing colorful t-shirts
Second Place: Sharing Across 2 Oceans by Susan Kus (NR7)
a champagne glass catches the sunlight through an airplane window
Third Place: Peace During the Storm by Fonda Lilly Wilkinson (NR9)

People's Choice Award

a waterfall in the mountains
People's Choice Award: Waters From Heaven by Bree Wilson (NW5)