2022 - 2023 Winning Photos

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 18th Annual World of Photos Contest! Below are the winning photos, which were announced on November 16, 2022.

Urban Scenes

a coastal village in Santorini
First Place: Santorini by Dawn Carpenter
a night sky with skyscrapers
Second Place: London Sky by Jadyn Scott
a brick bridge over a canal
Third Place: Along the Oxford Canal by Stephen Wirls

The Natural World

a small bird on a large pine frond
First Place: Pearly-Eyed Thrasher, Lelyunque National Forest, Puerto Rico, by Jadyn Scott
a sailboat is seen on a lake through an old dock
Second Place: Found Portrait of Paradise, Herrenchiemsee, Germany, by Hollie Brown
a young boy runs on a grassy field
Third Place: A Boy's Love, Eagleville, TN, by Mady Richter


a young African American woman with a yellow scarf looks at the camera
First Place: by Millie Mencke
a young woman sits in a Gothic arch
Second Place: by Jadyn Scott
a young man sits on the crossbar of a goalpost
Third Place: by Jack Seigerman


 a dog is seen looking out a picture window
First Place: by Geoff Bakewell
a woman waves from afar with a lake and hills
Second Place: by Jadyn Scott
a dead bird lays on the pavement
Third Place: by Jack Seigerman

Lynn Conlee People's Choice Award

a sailboat on a lake seen through an old dock
Found Portrait of Paradise by Hollie Brown