Interim Measures

Interim and Remedial Measures

In cases of reported alleged Sex/Gender Discrimination or Sexual Misconduct involving students, the College may implement interim and remedial measures before the final outcome of an investigation or hearing to the extent the college determines such measures are necessary. The Title IX Coordinator shall have responsibility for determining such interim and remedial measures. Some of these remedial measures also may continue in effect after an investigation is closed or as post-hearing sanctions or accommodations. Examples of interim and remedial measures that the College may consider and elect to implement include, but are not limited to:

  • implementing a “no contact” order to govern, and attempt to avoid, interaction between affected individuals;
  • providing a campus safety escort to ensure a Claimant can move safely between buildings, classes, dining halls, and activities on campus;
  • ensuring that the Claimant and the Respondent do not attend the same classes, seminars, functions, meetings, etc.;
  • offering to provide or facilitate the provision of medical, counseling and mental health services, but not necessarily covering the cost of such services;
  • providing education regarding gender discrimination, sexual misconduct, alcohol and drug use, incapacitation and consent, etc.;
  • reviewing any academic challenges or any disciplinary actions taken against the Claimant to see if there is a causal connection between the events that may have impacted the Claimant;
  • changing on-campus living arrangements, when reasonable;
  • providing increased monitoring, supervision, or security at locations or activities where the misconduct occurred; and
  • limiting the access of the individual accused of the misconduct to certain college facilities until the matter is resolved, including the possibility of an interim suspension if warranted.

The College may also, upon request, arrange for the re-taking, changing or withdrawing from classes, and in such instances, Rhodes will make every reasonable effort to mitigate any academic or financial penalty for providing such arrangements.

Interim and remedial measures shall be balanced based on the facts collected, seriousness of the allegations, and the potential safety risks posed to the Rhodes community (i.e., an interim suspension will be rare early in the investigation process, but may be more common late in the process when an investigation finds some evidence to potentially corroborate a serious allegation).

If a Claimant or Respondent withdraws from Rhodes after a Report or Claim is filed but before the matter is resolved, the Title IX Coordinator shall have discretion on how to proceed with the investigation, its resolution, and any interim or remedial measures. The Title IX Coordinator shall have discretion to hold a Respondent’s transcript if they withdraw while a Report or Claim is pending, and to not release it to another school until the matter is resolved with or without the Respondent’s participation.

The College may also consider and take interim and remedial measures that affect the broader Rhodes Community and which are aimed to eliminate occurrences of Sex/Gender Discrimination or Sexual Misconduct and to promote academic and employment environments free of such conduct.