Macro vs. Micro

For this project, students picked a subject to research from the sciences that is either too small/big to see or too small/big to comprehend and create a work of art. The goal of the artwork was to give the viewer a new perspective, a better understanding, or a desire to know more.

a photo of a girl and a drawing of a circle
"How Old Is the Earth," interactive chalk drawing
Julia Bergquist
"Where's Your Data?"; digital animation
Emily Clifton
a photo collage of stylized stars
"All the Stars in the Universe," digital photo collage
Marlo Morales
a colorful digital illustration
"Baby Schema," digital illustration
Nathalie Tamez Guerrero
"Martin's Dream," animation
Nathaniel Nwaneri
an painted vulture with embroidery and beads
"Vulture's Microbiome," acrylic paint, beads, and embroidery on cotton
Katie Tucker