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The Office of Academic & Learning Resources provides individual assistance, workshops, and peer programs focused on learning and time management. 

Individual Assistance

If you want to discuss how you learn material or how you can better manage your academic work, use our links below to schedule a meeting.


Grab a free meal and learn new skills at one of our workshops throughout the semester.

Peer Programs

  • Meet with a peer academic coach regularly to discuss time management, study habits, independent learning, breaking down large tasks, and goal setting.
  • Attend regularly scheduled, out-of-class, peer-facilitated group study sessions. Supplemental Instruction (SI) targets a small number of traditionally difficult academic courses. Your SI leader will attend your lecture and establish weekly SI session times with your class during the first week of the semester.
  • Meet with a peer tutor to get your course content questions answered.

For additional information about Academic & Learning Resources, contact:

Sarah K. Woods

Assistant Director of Academic & Learning Resources
Burrow Hall, 3rd Floor, Office 305
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Jennifer Soler-Rodriguez

Director of Academic & Learning Resources
Burrow Hall, 3rd Floor, Office 309
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