Academic Progress Notification System

The Academic Progress Notification System is a tool that allows faculty to communicate academic performance challenges directly to a student and encourages the student to follow-up with their professor, advisor, the Office of Academic & Learning Resources (ALR), and additional campus resources.

The system will remain open throughout the semester to allow for early identification of challenges and continued reporting as new challenges arise, giving faculty and student services staff the opportunity to address students' needs and challenges.

There are two sections of this form: Progress Notification to Student (Part 1) and Campus Referrals (Part 2) 

Depending on the nature of the concern, you may opt to complete one or both parts of the form. However, completing either section of the form will send a notification to the Academic and Learning Resources staff.    

To submit an Academic Progress Notification, please follow the steps below: 

Academic Progress Notification Form

Step 1

This link:, provides access to the portal for the Academic Progress Notification System (APN). Faculty will use their OneLogin credentials to enter the portal. 

Step 2

Next, faculty can view a course tab to see all current courses. Clicking on the desired course will show all currently enrolled students in that course. Faculty can also view an advisee tab to view any of their current advisees. Faculty will then click the Submit Alert link for the individual student via the course or advisee tab. The Academic Progress Notification (APN) form will then be displayed.

Step 3

Faculty will proceed to complete the APN form. Faculty can opt to complete Part 1, Part 2 or both parts, depending on the nature of the concern/s.

  • PART 1: Progress Notification to Student 
    Completing this section of the form will send an email notification to the student from the faculty member. The advisor can be copied on the message as well, and the Academic & Learning Resources Office will also be notified. Additionally, faculty will be able to provide students with feedback, words of encouragement, and further instructions on next steps, including referrals to other campus partners such as Academic & Learning Resources. 
  • PART 2: Campus Referrals
    Faculty can share additional academic concern information directly with the Office of Academic & Learning Resources that will not be emailed to the student. If faculty want to provide feedback or next steps to the student, they should be sure to include this information in PART 1 of the form. Faculty can also submit a general referral to a variety of campus partners to allow for additional outreach to the student. No email will be sent from the faculty member to the student if PART 1 is not completed. 

Step 4

Click the SUBMIT button to send the form.

For detailed steps on how to complete the APN form, you can download the user guide by clicking on this link: Academic Progress Notification User Guide

Non-Academic Concerns

To report any non-academic concerns, such as a family challenge, housing insecurity, mental or physical health concern, financial challenge, food insecurity, etc., click Share a Concern Report to ensure the student is connected with the appropriate resources.