Campus Support Services

Academic & Learning Resources: The office provides individual assistance and programs focused on time management, organizational skills, and learning strategies. Contact Melissa Campbell at or 843-3885 to schedule a meeting. Go to our website to learn more about peer coaching, peer tutoring, and supplemental instruction. 

Adviser: Your faculty adviser can provide you insights for academic improvement and will also help you with your course selections in order to stay on track for graduation.

ADHD Coaching: You can receive private one-on-one sessions with Ben Boeving, ADHD Coach. Email to schedule a free consultation. Ben also does Laser Coaching, which is a weekly free group session focused on planning and prioritizing. It is every Monday at 3:00 pm in the Armstrong room in Burrow Hall. 

Career Services: Career Services provides career counseling and assistance with self-assessments, major and career exploration, and help with resume writing, interview skills, and internships. Email or call 901-843-3800.

Counseling Center: Individual and group counseling is offered by a trained professional. Call 901-843-3128 or email to make an appointment.

Faculty: The individual faculty members who are teaching your classes offer great insight into how to improve. Email your faculty for a meeting or seek them out during their office hours.

Language Center: The Language Center offers peer tutoring in Chinese, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Latin, and Greek.  

Information Services: Meet with a librarian for help with any research or information technology need. Contact the help desk at 843-3890 or

Mathematical and Computational Reasoning Center (MCRC): The MCRC offers drop-in peer tutoring and peer-led group study. 

Student Accessibility Services: The office provides access accommodations on a case-by-case basis for qualified students who have demonstrated a need for these services. Contact Melissa Butler at or 901-843-3885.

Student Success Team: Student Life staff who meet with students daily to help them develop plans for academic success, get connected to additional resources, and review academic policies as needed.

Writing Center: Student writers of all levels can receive assistance at any stage of the writing process and for writing in any discipline.