Thesis Timeline

Fall Semester

  • Turn in a research project proposal in EDUC 511 and a curriculum project proposal in EDUC 555.

Spring Semester

  • Review the syllabus for EDUC 684.
  • Jan 5 - You will receive a form to complete and submit by Jan 12. Failure to complete the form by the deadline will result in program faculty selecting your committee and thesis topic (the research project or currciulum project) without weighing your preferences.
  • Jan 17 - You will be notified about your thesis topic/committee.
  • Feb 5 - Deadline for students doing a research project involving human participants to submit IRB application to
  • Feb 21 - Deadline for a revised thesis proposal (if requested by committee).
  • May 2 - Deadline for first draft of (complete) thesis.

Summer 2 

  • July 1- Deadline for Defense Draft of Thesis
  • July 11-22 - Thesis Defenses
  • July 27- Submit any required revisions to the thesis If everything is approved, the Thesis Coordinator will return your thesis with committee signatures.
  • July 29 - Upload signed thesis to ProQuest.