Thesis Timeline

Fall Semester

Beginning of fall semester       
  • Select a topic and decide on either a curriculum or research approach to the Master's thesis.
  • Identify faculty members whose research makes them potential committee members.
Midterm of fall semester
  • Inquire with faculty members about their interest and availability to serve on your committee. Secure an advisor and two committee members.
  • By the last day of classes, email the Master's Thesis coordinator with your topic, advisor, and committee members.

Spring Semester

Beginning of spring semester
  • Begin meeting with your Thesis Advisor as regularly as the two of you deem appropriate.
Following spring break
  • Write your thesis proposal. Submit to the thesis coordinator by noon on April 15th.
  • Committees will return proposals to you by April 26th with requested revisions.
Finals week
  • Make requested revisions and resubmit thesis proposal to the thesis coordinator by the last day of finals.

Summer 2

Session 1                                        
  • Present the current state of your research at the MA Works-in-Progress Conference on June 20th.
  • Complete and submit your thesis by last day of session 1, June 28th.
Session 2
  • Schedule your thesis defense (discuss potential date/times with your committee) by the end of the first week of session 2, July 5th.
  • Thesis Defense (July 8th-19th).
  • Submit any required revisions to the thesis by July 31st.