Thesis Timeline

Fall Semester

Beginning of fall semester       
  • Select a topic and decide on either a curriculum or research approach to the Master's thesis.
  • Identify faculty members whose research makes them potential committee members.
Midterm of fall semester
  • Inquire with faculty members about their interest and availability to serve on your committee. Secure an advisor.
  • By the last day of classes (Dec 4), email the Master's Thesis coordinator (Joseph Kelly; with your thesis advisor (required for enrollment in EDUC 684).

Spring Semester

Beginning of spring semester
  • Review the syllabus for EDUC 684.
  • Meet with your Thesis Advisor within the first two weeks of the semester (Feb 5) and discuss your topic and the other two members of your committee. Plan your meeting schedule for the rest of the semester. You should meet as regularly as the two of you deem appropriate.
  • By the end of the second week of the spring semester (Feb 5), email the Master's Thesis coordinator with your thesis topic and your two additional committee members.
Spring Semester
  • Complete your theoretical framework as an assignment in EDUC 520 (March 3). (All other submissions are in Canvas for 684)
  • Submit your theoretical framework with revisions based on feedback (March 15).
  • Submit your literature review (March 29). 
  • Submit your methodology or forms of inquiry section (April 12)
  • Make revisions, compile the above sections, and write the introduction. (Due @ 8am on April 26).
  • Committees will return proposals to you with feedback (May 3).
  • If revisions were requested, submit the revised proposal (May 10).
Finals week
  • Make requested revisions and resubmit thesis proposal to the thesis coordinator by Monday, May 10.

Summer 2 (Dates Below TBD)

Session 1                                        
  • Submit the first draft of your thesis to your advisor and the Thesis Coordinator by Monday, June 7th.
  • Review the syllabus for EDUC 685.
  • Present the current state of your research at the MA Works-in-Progress Conference.
  • Complete and submit the defense draft of your thesis by Friday, July 2nd.
Session 2
  • Schedule your thesis defense (provide 5 one-hour timeslots to the thesis coordinator, who will then coordinate with the committee) by the beginning of the first week of session 2.
  • Thesis Defense.
  • Submit any required revisions to the thesis by July 29. If everything is approved, the Thesis Coordinator will return your thesis with committee signatures.
  • Upload signed thesis to ProQuest by July 31.