Frequently Asked Questions

What can I get help with?

The English Language Support tutors will assist with writing skills, reading comprehension, aural comprehension, and/or spoken communication. We will be available during session times to help with any English skills the student wishes to work on, per appointment or on a walk-in (first come, first served) basis.

We will review ungraded work and teach the grammar or English language concepts present in your work so that you can learn the concept and edit your work. Graded assignments or essays can be used to identify concepts to work on. We will refer students to the Writing Center for issues related to content, structure, argument, organization, etc.

Each student is important to us and our priority is to help with the issues presented. We are flexible and will adapt to each student’s needs. We are prepared to teach using methods such as quizzes, worksheets, sample writing assignments, as well as examples and explanations. We tailor each session to the student's need.

Can you proof-read or edit my papers?

We do not proof-read or edit ungraded or un-submitted essays or assignments. Tutors will not mark on the student’s work.

How can I make an appointment? Where do we meet?

Email Dr. Hillis ( to let her know you are interested in meeting with a TEFL student; she will put you in touch with an available tutor and you and the tutor can make your own appointments. You can meet anywhere that's convenient for both of you!

Do you recommend any sites that could help me?