Advice on Choosing Courses & Completing the TREE

3-Step Process

  • PLAN what you want and need to take
  • PRIORITIZE classes and create alternate schedules


  • What do you NEED to take?  
    • Foundation requirements
    • Requirements for possible major or minor
    • Pre-requisites or co-requisites for required courses
    • Resources to consult
      • Schedule of classes (online)
      • College Catalogue
      • DegreeWorks (especially the “What if” function)
      • List of courses by Foundation requirement (In BannerWeb under Look-Up Classes, highlight all courses under Subject then select desired F requirement under Attribute Type)
  • What do you WANT to take? In choosing classes, look for courses/majors/minors that relate to your
    • Interests
    • Strengths and limitations as a learner
    • Goals
    • Background
    • Past performance (high school as well as fall semester)
    • Time commitments
    • Co-curricular activities

Prioritize based on

Fill out the Tree

  • Create a list of courses
    • Review the Schedule of Classes and identify the top 4 courses you want to take.
    • Then identify 2-3 alternate courses for each top choice (these can be different sections of the same course or a different course altogether).
  • Review course selections with your adviser and pick up your Registration PIN
  • Place high in your Tree the course(s) that you absolutely, positively want or have to have, those that have historically filled quickly, or those that have limited space and/or sections. Place 1-credit music courses & courses with open enrollment (999) in Other Courses rather than the Tree.
  • Check your Trees for TIME CONFLICTS and correct CRNS.
  • At a minimum, COMPLETE Trees A & B.
  • Be sure to enter the MAXIMUM number of credits you wish to take (up to 19).

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