Advice on Choosing Courses & Completing Course Registration

4-Step Process

  • PLAN what you want and need to take.
  • PRIORITIZE classes and DISCUSS with your advisor.
  • SAVE preferred classes/schedules.
  • REGISTER for classes during your designated registration window.


  • What do you NEED to take?  
    • Foundation requirements
    • Requirements for possible major or minor
    • Pre-requisites or co-requisites for required courses
    • Resources to consult
      • Schedule of classes (online)
      • College Catalogue
      • Workday (especially the “Finding Undergraduate Course Sections” function)
  • What do you WANT to take? In choosing classes, look for courses/majors/minors that relate to your
    • Interests
    • Strengths and limitations as a learner
    • Goals
    • Background
    • Past performance (high school as well as fall semester)
    • Time commitments
    • Co-curricular activities

Prioritize courses based on

Save preferred courses/schedules and Discuss with your advisor

  • Create a list of preferred courses. (See Create Saved Schedules)
  • Review the Schedule of Classes under the Finding Undergraduate Courses Sections in Workday and identify the top four (4) courses you want to take.
  • Identify at least 2-3 alternate courses for each top choice (these can be different sections of the same course or a different course altogether).
  • Review course selections with your advisor and have your advisor remove the registration hold. (See View Holds)
  • Be sure to save your preferred schedule as Term/Year #1 (e.g. Fall 2023 #1). At minimum, you must have ONE saved schedule.
  • Check your saved schedule for TIME CONFLICTS, PRE-REQUISITES, COREQUISITES and any other potential issue that may get in the way of successfully registering for a class.

Register for courses

  • On your designated registration day, use your saved schedule #1 to register for your classes. (See Register from Saved Schedule)
    • If you are registering for a class that has a corequisite (courses that must be taken at the same time as another), such as a Biology course, you will need to register for the lab as well. (See Courses with a Corequisite)
  • Refer to the Troubleshooting Registration Issues guide to help solve common registration issues.
  • To see which classes you are already registered for, go to the Current Classes tab from the Academics menu in Workday. (See View My Schedule)
  • If you need to make changes to your schedule, you will have the option to drop, swap or withdraw from class.

Additional course registration information can be found in the Workday for Students Resources Guide website and viewing the following guides:

  • Registering for a Course with a Waitlist
  • Adding a Corequisite Course from Waitlist
  • Registering for a Course with Variable Credit
  • Requesting a Prerequisite Override
  • Changing a Course to Pass/Fail Grade or Course Credits