ADHD/Executive Function Coaching


Student Accessibility Services contracts with Ben Boeving, ADHD/Executive Function Coach & Consultant, to provide the following resources.

Laser Coaching 

Free group coaching sessions focused on planning and prioritizing each week. Students bring their syllabi and leave with an action plan to maximize weekly efficiency and productivity. Students also learn strategies for improving time management, avoiding procrastination, and increasing motivation. No diagnosis required.   

  • Mondays at 3:00pm in Armstrong Room, Burrow Hall 4th floor    

Private Coaching 

Private one-on-one weekly coaching sessions focused on individual student goals and needs. No diagnosis required. Additional fee applies. 

Ben Boeving, ADHD/Executive Function Coach, photographed while smiling, wearing a collared shirt and dark blazer.
Ben Boeving, ADHD/Executive Function Coach