Requests & Appeals

Rhodes students who desire any type of accommodation based on a diagnosed disability should complete the following steps in a timely manner. Current students may request accommodations at any time but are encouraged to connect with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) as soon as they become aware of a need.

Accommodation requests may be submitted by any student who fulfills the following criteria: 

  • Student has been accepted to Rhodes College and committed to attend by submitting a deposit. 
  • Student has a Rhodes College email account and student ID number. 

Please contact with questions about the request process below.

SAS Accommodation Request Process

STEP 1:  Submit an Accommodation Request Form

  • Students should complete the appropriate Accommodation Request Form when logged in to our AIM system with their Rhodes credentials. Note: There is a separate request form for academic and housing accommodations. Students requesting academic AND housing accommodations must complete both request forms.
  • Students already registered with SAS who wish to modify existing accommodations should meet with an SAS staff member to discuss their request: Schedule with Melissa Butler, Director of Student Accessibility Services, or Schedule with Alexa O’Hara, Student Support & Outreach.

STEP 2:  Submit Documentation 

  • All students should ask their healthcare provider to complete the SAS Provider Verification Form. Note: The provider must (1) be a qualified professional who is licensed and properly credentialed to diagnose and treat the diagnosed condition, and (2) not be a relative or close family friend of the student. 
  • Students may also upload additional documentation into AIM during the application process (e.g., psychoeducational evaluation, high school/504 Plan, etc.). 

STEP 3:  Meet with SAS 

  • We value a collaborative process as we work with students. Once we receive your application and documentation, we will email you to schedule an intake meeting and discuss your access needs. 

SAS will attempt to provide a written response to accommodation requests within 14 business days from the receipt of all necessary information. Students seeking to connect with SAS for accommodations should plan accordingly. Accommodations are not provided retroactively.  

Request for Reconsideration

If your accommodation request is denied, you are welcome to submit additional documentation or information to SAS for reconsideration. Please send your new documentation and request for reconsideration to

Appeal Process

If you wish to appeal an accommodation request denial, please send a message to Dr. Nicole Johnson, Vice President of Student Life at, within 10 business days of the denial. Included in the message should be a statement permitting SAS to release information related to your request to the Vice President of Student Life. The decision of the Vice President of Student Life will be considered final.