CPG: Come Visit

Clough-Hanson Gallery at Rhodes College announces its third show of the spring
season: CPG: Come Visit

The Collaborative Projects Group (CPG) is made up of twenty artists from
around the country: Josh Argo (Alabama), Lilli Bewley (Memphis), Kelley
Van Dyck (Paris, TN), Elizabeth Danger Brown (Louisiana), Amanda Brown
(Texas), Kathleen Mallaney, Susan Ratcliff (Louisiana), Joe Vaughan
(Knoxville, TN), Susannah Morse (Mississippi), Pete Moore (Nashville, TN),
Trisha Boyd (Oklahoma), Kate Burgess (Wisconsin), Alexis Harris
(Memphis), Caitie Knoepp (Louisiana), Bridgette Lacher (South Carolina),
Anne McMicken (Georgia), Scott Sicard , Margaret Drennen (Alabama), and
Ruth Houston (Memphis).

The show will involve the CPG turning the gallery into an art shop that will
maintain regular hours from Monday, April 7th through Friday, April 11th
12:00 through 6:00 pm. During that week the artists will take shifts creating
the work for the show while people from the community are invited to come
have a cup of coffee, make some art, and visit. The experience will wind up
with the closing reception for the last day of the weeklong “show” on
Friday, April 11th from 5-7 pm.

The show is an extension of the 144 Hours show from last spring that involved
the 2002 manifestation of the Collaborative Projects Group. Like last year, each
of the 500 invitations for the show was handmade by the members of the
Collaborative Projects Group. Projects for the show will include traditional
drawing and painting as well as other more elaborate efforts where participation
from the community will help in finishing the pieces for the show.