Group Therapy and Support Groups

Group Therapy

Group therapy is the treatment of choice for students experiencing issues that affect their interactions with others in their lives (e.g., friends, family, romantic partners, peers). The group process gives students the opportunity to get immediate feedback from other group members about how they are being perceived and how they are impacting the people around them. This allows for the increased self-awareness needed to create meaningful change in one’s life. Group therapy also gives students the opportunity to try out new behaviors, to express feelings that may generally be more difficult to express, to assert themselves in new ways, and to experiment with new ideas.

Support Groups

The Student Counseling Center also offers support groups for students across a variety of topics.  These support groups are not therapy groups. They are facilitated spaces where students will be able to come together to share with one another, to hear one another, and to know that they are not alone. 

Group Topics Offered

  • Coping with COVID-19
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Impact of Racism
  • Multicultural Stress Management
  • Stress Management
  • Juggling Academics, Family and Life for First Generation Students
  • Dealing with Family
  • LGBTIQ and the Impact of COVID-19
  • Life Balance
  • Wellness Charlas for the Latinx Student
  • Moving through Grief or Loss
  • Stress Management for the International Student
  • Black and Brown Voices at a PWI
  • Maintaining Positive Changes
  • Anti-Racist Allies


Students who are interested in joining other students in discussion about any of these group topics can contact us by phone (901-843-3128) or email ( to let us know.  We will set up a time to discuss participation.