Student Activities

Political Science Film Club: Politics, One Film at a Time

In today’s divisive political climate, it’s always welcome when people of different beliefs come together. But that’s just business as usual for the members of the Political Science Film Club.  Every month, students of all political stripes come together to watch a film, and then discuss political theory, pop culture, and current events.

Through discussions on political advertising and lobbying from films like Thank You for Smoking, to learning about political history in Lincoln, Milk, All the President’s Men, and Good Night and Good Luck, we’ve continued to learn about the “other side” amongst friends.

The Film Club is open to everyone.

This is a student-led group under the guidance of Political Science Prof. Dolgoy.

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Pizza and Politics

Pizza & Politics was started a couple of years ago by a group of students wanting to discuss a variety of current topics in a safe environment. It is a Department supported, student-run monthly event forum in which students learn about and discuss complicated contemporary political issues (and eat pizza). A Rhodes Faculty member moderates each discussion, but the topics are student generated and the conversation is student directed. Students from different years, different majors, different countries, and different political backgrounds have attended our events, talked politics, and ate pizza!

TISL (Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature)

TISL is a forum for student campus leaders to express their opinions on state-specific issues and learn how government works in a realistic setting at the state capitol. Students from participating colleges serve as legislators to the General Assembly, lobbyists, media or lawyers who can debate cases in front of the TISL Supreme Court. Some mock legislation introduced by students can be selected by the TISL Executive Council to be promoted to Tennessee state legislators for actual consideration. The Rhodes Chapter of TISL was founded in 2011 by Betsy Swann '14.

Political Science Professor Steve Wirls serves as the faculty advisor.

Mock Trial

Mock Trial is an academic activity designed to challenge those who are interested in law, debate, or other forms of forensics. Students are divided into teams and given a court case, which they must try as both the prosecution and the defense. Places on the team inlcude both witness and attorney roles. Mock Trial is open to any student, regardless of major.

Anna Eldridge is the Director of Mock Trial

All the above activities are open to the entire college student body.
Tau Delta, Rhodes chapter to Pi Sigma Alpha – Political Science Honor Society – membership based on eligibility.