Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature (TISL)
Rhodes TISL gives students the ability to learn more about government and law by preparing legal briefs and legislation, running for office, and practicing lobbying and journalism skills. The program culminates in a four-day general assembly in Nashville, Tennessee each fall. 

What are the advantages of joining the Rhodes delegation to the Intercollegiate State Legislature (TISL)?    
Rhodes TISL provides a range of opportunities for students interested in law, politics, journalism, and more to gain leadership and public speaking experience. Rhodes TISL is an excellent way for a student of ANY major to learn more about government and meet students from colleges and universities across the state. 

What is the time commitment?
The time commitment for TISL varies depending on the specific program a student chooses. The Appellate Moot Court Collegiate Challenge (AMC3) meets once weekly from September through November. Legislative, Lobbying, and Media are comparatively lighter but require student participants to author at least one piece of legislation for the General Assembly. The leadership of the Rhodes delegation to TISL is always willing to work with students regarding scheduling conflicts and other concerns. 
    Additionally, because the TISL General Assembly takes place in mid-November, the fall semester is busier than the spring semester. During the spring, elections are held for leadership positions within the Rhodes delegation as well as the opportunity to travel to Nashville for a brief conference where students learn more about TISL. 

How can TISL help me after I graduate?
Rhodes TISL alumni pursue a variety of paths post-graduation. Law school, jobs in Washington, D.C., teaching abroad, and graduate school are just a few of the many career paths that recent TISL alumni are involved in. The statewide TISL organization works diligently to maintain a strong alumni network that often proves useful for Rhodes students. 

How can I get involved?
To get in touch with the current president of the Rhodes delegation, please visit the Rhodes TISL Presence page



Vivian Ehrenreich, Matthew Kenny, Caroline Koch, Maya Ring, and Pierce Rose; members of the 2020 Rhodes TISL delegation


Pierce Rose, Mary Katherine Brown, Ava Dempsey, Harrison Dircks, Vivian Ehrenreich, Matthew Kenny, Caroline Koch, Connor Lambert, Oliver McIntosh, Lauren Moore, Nikki Pedicord, Maya Ring, Maya Shah 

In spite of the unique challenges posed by a virtual General Assembly, the Rhodes delegation to the Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature continued its tradition of excellence. The following students were elected for office or recognized as outstanding delegates:

Matthew Kenny – Governor
Maya Ring – Speaker Pro Tempore of the Senate
Harrison Dircks – Speaker Pro Tempore of the House; recipient of Carlisle Award for excellence in debate 
Mary Katherine Brown – Supreme Court Justice

In addition to these accomplishments, the Rhodes delegation passed numerous pieces of legislation through the House and Senate and the AMC3 team represented Rhodes with pride.