College Withdrawal Process

A student pursues a College Withdrawal when withdrawing from the College as a student with no plan to return. If a student pursues a college withdrawal during a semester, then the student is also withdrawing from all courses that semester. Students may also pursue this process at the end of a semester without withdrawing from courses.  

If you are considering withdrawing or transferring and haven't decided, please schedule a meeting with Melissa Campbell to discuss your experience and brainstorm strategies and solutions to improve your experience at Rhodes.

Request to Withdraw from the College 


  1. Review the Policies and Procedures for Withdrawal from the College
  2. Review these instructions to request a transcript.
  3. Complete the Student Experience Survey
  4. After completing the Student Experience Survey, you will be redirected to the online college withdrawal form link. Submit the online college withdrawal application.
  5. If you live on campus, meet with your RA to check out of your room and turn in your room key and fob before departing the campus. Please note that you will need to take all of your personal belongings with you.
  6. Cancel your housing if you applied for on-campus housing for the following semester. 

Additional Information:

  • Please communicate your decision for withdrawal with a parent or guardian. 
  • You will not maintain access to your Rhodes email address or Rhodes Box files once you withdraw from the college. 
  • If registered for the following semester, you will be dropped from your courses once the college withdrawal is processed.