Return from a Hospitalization

If hospitalized, our goal is to assess your needs and support you as appropriate in your post-hospitalization care.  

During Hospitalization 

Prior to or once admitted, email or call 901-843-3698 during business hours or call 901-843-3880 after-hours so that our on-call staff and Care Manager can follow up with you.

If you are unable to communicate, a parent or guardian may contact the College. After you or a family member has connected with the Care Manager, then the Care Manager can communicate with your faculty about the hospitalization and time out of classes.  

Returning to Campus 


  1. Send your healthcare provider a Healthcare Provider Form. The healthcare provider primarily responsible for treating the issue that led to the hospitalization must complete the form. You should also complete this Release of Health Information form.  
  2. Your return documents will be reviewed by the Care Manager and Dean of Student Success or Dean of Students. Paperwork may also be reviewed by a representative from Student Accessibility Services, the Counseling Center, and/or the Health Center if needed. If additional information is needed, the Care Manager or Dean of Student Success will follow up with your healthcare provider. 
  3. After receiving an e-mail notification that your return documents have been received, schedule an appointment with the Care Manager, Alexa O'Hara, for the next available weekday. Please bring any discharge documentation that you have available and is appropriate. 

Additional Information:

After a hospitalization, you may need additional time away to manage your health prior to returning to campus. The Care Manager or Dean of Student Success can meet with you and a parent or legal guardian to discuss mid-semester withdrawal and/or leave of absence options. In making this decision, it is helpful to review our scope of supports on campus.  

Back on Campus 

The Care Manager's goal is to help you build a support action plan for academic preparedness and continued wellness. You will discuss recommendations from your healthcare provider, accommodations and/or academic course options, and a health management plan as you return to classes and residential living. A follow-up meeting will be held to continue providing support and accountability.