Mid-Semester Withdrawal Process

There may be instances in which it is in a student's best interest to spend some time away from Rhodes. A student may pursue a mid-semester withdrawal when needing to withdraw from all courses for personal or medical reasons. A mid-semester withdrawal places a student on a leave of absence until the end of the following semester (fall or spring) in order to allow the student sufficient time to address the issues that led to the withdrawal. 

The Standards & Standing faculty committee approves requests for a mid-semester withdrawal. A medical mid-semester withdrawal does require additional supporting medical documentation.

 Request to Withdraw from all Courses Mid-Semester


1. A request for a mid-semester withdrawal from all courses should be submitted by the last day of classes. Please read the Policies and Procedures Governing a Mid-Semester Withdrawal and the Policies and Procedure Governing a Leave of Absence before submitting an application.

2. Schedule a MSWD Meeting with Melissa Campbell or Alexa O'Hara to communicate about your needs and ask any questions regarding the policies for a mid-semester withdrawal. 

3. Discuss important components of your withdrawal with campus offices (Financial Aid, Bursar, International Programs, Residence Life, Faculty Advisor). 

4. Submit the application for a mid-semester withdrawal.

5. If you live on campus, meet with your RA to check out of your room and turn in your room key and fob before departing the campus. Please note that you will need to take all of your personal belongings with you. You will also want to cancel your housing for the following semester that you will be on a leave of absence. You will want to communicate with Residence Life about your housing needs for the semester you plan to return.  

Additional Information:

  • Please communicate your decision for a mid-semester withdrawal with a parent or guardian. Melissa Campbell and Alexa O'Hara are happy to include a parent or guardian in our MSWD Meeting if desired by the student. 
  • You will maintain access to your Rhodes email address while you are on leave from the college, and we strongly encourage that you check this email. Offices like the Bursar, Registrar, Financial Aid, and Residence Life will continue to email you about important deadlines at this email address.