Outstanding Research and/or Creative Activity Award


Eligibility – Full-time members of the Rhodes Faculty who have taught at least three years at Rhodes and who have not previously been awarded this prize.
Criteria for Selection
 – The award recipient has accomplished unusually significant professional work in the past three years.
This work consists of scholarly or research publication, or is exhibited in artistic productions or performances.
This work is judged to be an important contribution to the award recipient’s discipline or related disciplines.
This work must be demonstrated to have had an important effect on the award recipient’s teaching, directly benefiting Rhodes students by its influence on course content or pedagogy.
Nominations – should be forwarded to the office of Academic Affairs and must be received by Mid-April. Department chairs should assume a special responsibility for nominating department members who are likely to be strong candidates.  The nomination should clearly identify the work that provides the basis for the nomination.  If possible, the nominator should provide evidence that the work is of unusual significance and that it has influenced the nominee’s teaching. Nominations can be submitted electronically to academicaffairs@rhodes.edu.
Past awardees are:
1981        John Copper               
1982        Not awarded               
1983        Jack Farris                  
1984        Richard Gilliom                      
1985        David Kesler               
1986        Tony Garner               
1987        James Olcese              
1988        John Copper                                 
1989        Alan Jaslow                
1990        Jack Taylor                 
1991    Marcus Pohlmann       
1992    Steve McKenzie
1993    Robert Strandburg
1994    Andrew Michta 
1995    Brian Shaffer 
1996    Cynthia Marshall  
1997    Steve Haynes
1998    Robert MacQueen
1999    Gail Streete  
2000    Susan Kus  
2001    Mike Nelson    
2002    Lynn Zastoupil        
2003    Natalie Person    
2004    David McCarthy    
2005    Daniel Arce   
2006    Ming Dong Gu 
2007    Marshall Boswell     
2008    Mary Miller 
2009    Chris Mouron   
2010    Terry Hill/Darlene Loprete       
2011    Jeff Jackson                
2012    Shadrack Nasong’o
2013    Patrick Gray
2014    Katherine White
2015    Christopher Seaton
2016    Carole Blankenship
2017    Betsy Sanders 
2018    Marsha Walton
2019    Michael LaRosa 
2020    David Rupke
2021    Scott Newstok
2022    Zachary Casey