Registration Via Bannerweb


  1. Access BannerWeb at
  2. From BannerWeb, click on key in the lower left corner entitled “Login to Secure Area”. (There is an access to the course schedule with current enrollments from that page as well.)
  3. Enter your network User Name (email before
  4. Enter your network Password.
  5. Next, your personal page shows several tabs at the top - select the "Student" tab.
  6. The next menu lists several options. Click on “Registration”.
  7. From the next menu, select “Add/Drop Classes”.
  8. The next page is the page on which you will actually make changes to your schedule. There are instructions on that process on this page.
  9. To drop a class: Use the pull-down menu under the “Action” column. There are only two options: None or Web Drop. Select Web-Drop for the course you want to drop and then click on “Submit Changes”. The course will disappear from your schedule. You are no longer registered for that course.
  10. To add a class: Insert the CRN (Course Reference Number) of the course(s) you wish to add in the appropriate boxes numbered 1 through 6. Click “Submit Changes” and the course(s) will appear on your schedule IF there are no errors detected. If the course is not added to your schedule, it will appear as a “Registration Error” in a box between your schedule and the add courses section.
  11. There are several errors that will prevent a course from being added: The course is closed. (Error message is “Closed Section”.) If a Waitlist is in place on the course, you may add yourself to the Waitlist. Please see Waitlist information. The course time conflicts with another course. (The error message will tell you which course.) You are attempting to register for an overload of over 19 hours. (“Maximum hours exceeded”.) In this case, you must have an overload petition approved by the Registrar before a course can be added to your schedule. To find the CRN of a class to add or to search for a class, click on “Class Search”. This function is self-explanatory. Be sure to note the size of the class and whether or not spaces are available in the class. You can add a course you find directly from that screen by clicking on the box on the left side of the course listing.
  12. Be sure to notice the options at the bottom of that Search screen. You can see your schedule by day and time (which is great for planning your week), and you can see the schedule with details including instructor, time, and location.
  13. To complete your registration when you are finished using the web registration process, click on the “Home” icon at the top of the web site, and then log out of BannerWeb.