Malik Roberts, "Hoop Dreams"

Collage-like painting of a man shooting a basket with shackles on his ankle and he's being handcuffed.

"Hoop Dreams" is acrylic, charcoal, and oil on canvas and was created by Malik Roberts in 2017. It is on loan from John Barker P'16. Malik Roberts is a Brooklyn based painter and multimedia artist creating works of figurative abstraction which address contemporary issues like police brutality, exclusionary politics, and systemic racism. Roberts manipulates recognizable images and conventions from art history and the media to dismantle the viewer's perception of reality. He begins by breaking down a familiar-feeling icon or landscape into its most geometric forms. He then reconstructs the picture, layering charged source imagery and cartoonish extremities onto the geometric x-ray of his subjects. In his unique artistic language, Roberts articulates haunting similarities between reality and caricature.