Key Benefits

Workday Student

What can you do in Workday Student? 

With Workday Student, Rhodes College students can:

  • Update personal information
  • Register for, add or drop classes
  • View grades
  • Check real-time seat availability for courses
  • See financial aid awards
  • Generate professional-looking unofficial transcripts
  • Submit accommodation requests
  • Ask for overrides

With Workday Student, Rhodes College employees can:

  • Advising
    • Create and manage academic plan(s)
    • Understand academic progress status
    • Request course prerequisite overrides
    • Submit accommodation requests
  • Faculty
    • View course section roster with contact information
    • Withdraw students from course sections
    • Grade course sections
    • Monitor students’ progress toward degree completion
  • Student Finance
    • Streamline chart of accounts
    • Charge configurations and options
    • Return Title IV funds
    • Monitor aging and past-due accounts
  • Records
    • Maintain grading schemes
    • Configure credit transfer unit conversions
    • Track learning outcomes and competencies
    • Monitor registration troubleshooting

What can you do in Workday? 

  • Personal Information
    • All paid faculty, staff and student employees can easily view their profile information, compensation, benefits, and other personal employee information
    • View your paycheck, compensation history and tax forms
    • Edit emergency contacts, beneficiaries and other personal information
  • Human Resources tasks
    • Rhodes job applicant recruitment and hiring
    • Make benefits selections during annual open enrollment
    • Conduct performance evaluations with staff
    • Quickly access your and other Rhodes org charts
    • Request time-off or submit a sick or other leave request
  • Finance and Payroll tasks
    • Look up your budget account and see your expenditures, encumbrances, and available balances
    • Purchase from Amazon with a Rhodes-customized checkout
    • Submit expenses and reimbursement requests
    • Create simple reports or request advanced reports
    • Clock-in and out for your hourly position (student and hourly workers)
    • Allow supervisors to validate hours for payroll