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What do I do if I have incorrect information in my Workday profile?

  • Depending on whether the information is Human Resources related or Finance related, contact those offices directly for questions specific to those data.

Can I change my displayed name in Workday to a preferred/chosen name?

  • Yes. To change your display/preferred name in Workday, follow these steps:
  1. Login to Workday and View your Profile.
  2. Click on the Actions button under your profile image.
  3. Scroll down to Personal Data and select Change My Preferred Name (alternately you can simply search for Change My Preferred Name in the Workday search field). NOTE: This will not change your Legal Name at Rhodes.

How can I change other Personal Information? (e.g., marriage status, gender identity, preferred pronouns, etc.) 

  • Search for Change My Personal Information in the Workday search field (also available under your Workday Profile Actions button).

Can I adjust my preferences to the way I receive Workday notifications?

  • Yes. To adjust Workday notification preferences, follow these steps:
  1. Login to Workday and select My Account under your profile image.
  2. Then select Change Preferences.
  3. Scroll down to Background Notification Preferences to make changes to Email and Mobile Push notifications.

How do I delegate tasks to someone else? 



Where do I find my Direct Deposit information?

  • Direct deposit information is located under Payment Elections. To locate Payment Elections:
    • Install the optional worklet called Pay to your dashboard (and in the worklet go to to Actions -> Payment Elections) or type Payment Elections in the Workday Search field.

Where do I find my W-2 in Workday?

  • For the current calendar year 2020 (tax year 2019), Rhodes employee W-2’s will continue to be accessed/downloaded from BannerWeb at After logging in, go to Employee -> Tax Forms, select the tax year and print your W-2 to PDF. In 2021, W-2’s will be accessible in Rhodes Workday.

How do I view my 2019 or prior year payslips? Are they available in Workday?

  • Workday does not have archival payment information for 2019 or prior, but these paylips are still available through Banner Web.
  1. Login to 
  2. Go to the Employee tab -> Pay Information -> Pay stub and select the year to view all your payslips from that year.


Accounting, Budgets, Purchasing

How do I pay/reimburse someone at Rhodes?

How do I pay/reimburse a non-Rhodes individual or vendor?

  1. Check to see if a Supplier already exists in Workday by searching for “View Supplier"
  2. Request a new Supplier in Workday by searching for "Create Supplier Request”; startup guide:
  3. Request payment for the non-Rhodes individual or vendor/supplier by searching for  “Create Supplier Invoice Request”

After I submit a request for new supplier, how long will it be before I can submit a Supplier Invoice Request?

  • The Finance office will complete requests for new supplier within 1-2 days, at which point you are able to submit a Supplier Invoice Request, or Purchase Requisition for that new supplier.

I submitted a Supplier Invoice Request and forgot to add a necessary attachment. How do I go back and upload the attachment or edit the request?

  • Go back to find your Supplier Invoice Request via My Supplier Invoice Request, edit and resubmit.

How can I review my budget and spending?

  • Search for the custom report: "RPT FIN - Budget vs. Actuals for Organizations (without salary)” (NOTE: As of Jan. 30 budgets/balances are still being loaded into Workday from Banner. This work is proceeding as quickly as possible, but it may still be some time before these numbers can be accurately reflected in Workday. Please continue to use Rhodes Account Lookup to review balances. We will update this page with additional progress)

I am a faculty member. How can I review my research/travel budget?

How do I purchase a plane ticket for a business trip?

  • Search for flights on the Internet or using the Rhodes preferred travel agency and change to your Rhodes corporate credit card.

How do I make purchases through the Amazon or Staples supplier websites (punch-outs)?

Create a purchase requisition for non-travel related purchases other than Amazon or Staples?


Human Resources

How do I hire someone in Workday?
While there are many available tasks an reports for recruitment and hiring in Workday, the process should start with a conversation with the appropriate Rhodes division:

Where can I see my current Benefits Elections or make a change to my Benefits?

  • Go to your profile and click Benefits in the left pane.

Where can I find my retirement savings information?

  • Search for “Retirement Savings Elections” or in your Workday profile, click on the Actions button under your image and selection Benefits -> "View Current Retirement Savings Elections" or "View My Retirement Savings Elections History"

What if I have two supervisors/managers? Who is responsible for approving my time worked, time-off requests, etc.?

  • Your manager's approval steps will route to the manager of your primary, associated Supervisory Organization. You can view the organization you belong to in your Workday profile. For example, if you belong to the English department organization, your manager is someone in the English department. However any manager (or any employee) can delegate to anyone in the Workday system, so any of your supervisors can delegate tasks to each other as needed. 


About Workday

What applications were NOT replaced by Workday in January 2020?

  • PeopleAdmin for Performance Management and faculty recruiting
  • Moodle
  • BannerWeb for Student Information, Schedule of Classes, Grading
  • Pre-registration (formerly called WebStep)
  • Banner for Enrollment Registration, etc.
  • Degreeworks and other advising tools

Will Rhodes also move to Workday Student?

  • It is our plan to move to Workday Student after our launch of Workday with HR, Finance, and Payroll. The student platform could begin as early as fall 2020, launching areas of functionality through fall 2022.

Is my information secure on Workday?

  • Yes. It is protected by a secure socket connection, the same protection used for online financial transactions. We will also be using OneLogin Protect, Rhodes’ two-factor authentication.

What other colleges and universities use Workday?

  • There are over 100 colleges and universities currently using Workday with many more moving toward Workday just like Rhodes. A partial list includes Brown, Bucknell, Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, Furman, Georgetown, Wake Forest, Wellseley, and many more.
  • View all Higher Ed and Industry Worday users: Workday Customers